Invest In What Can’t Be Taken
by Bankers and Politicians!

 It’s becoming increasingly obvious that many of the things we trust for our security are no longer stable.  Even if the government does leave us anything to call our own, all it would take is a devaluation of the currency to again reduce in value what wealth we may have left.  Unfortunately, we just do not have much control over what is happening on the economic front!

But there is one aspect of our wealth over which the government has no control, and that is what we choose to do with our health.  While there are aspects of our life that we cannot control, there are other aspects that only we can control, and these are some of the most important with regard to our health.

Some of these choices actually can impact our economic circumstances in big ways.  Calculate the money a smoker spends in a year.  If he (or she) were to quit smoking that would be hard cash in the pocket which it now literally going up in smoke.  Other addictions are really the same, including and especially alcohol.  Not only does this addiction drain the financial life blood from the user, but the resulting family, social and health problems generated cost the entire nation big time.

One big problem is that compared with the commercial enterprises marketing addicting substances for profit,  there has been little thought or actual research aimed toward directing attention and education to other more healthful rewards in life.  The addictions trigger the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine which is a powerful painkiller and euphoric agent.  There are many healthful and positive things that also trigger the release of dopamine, rewards that tend to strengthen the body and enhance the life.  The raw edge of the addictive habits is that while numbing the pain for a time, they rob the life of its vitality and health.  They are destroying us.  Kind of like what is happening to the economy at the moment. 

Remember, every time a person takes a drink of alcohol it is destroying brain cells.  Everything about life is experienced, processed, understood and related to through our brain.  The creativity that we especially need to navigate difficult times successfully comes from the healthy working of our brain and now more than ever reasonable choices are important.

That brings us back to my main point—choices.  With the dark months upon us and perhaps more free time because of the slowdown in the economy, it provides a good opportunity to do something fun and healthful.  Take up walking, cycling or running.   Hill walking is a wonderful experience that really charges the life with positive energy.  Learn how to bake healthful bread, take up the bagpipes or singing, learn how to paint or make pottery (with the way the economy is going, a skill like that may just put you in a position to provide necessary items in the future).  There are a multitude of positive things that can bring richness into the life and are really enjoyable.  These are the kinds of things that will build health instead of destroying it, and at the end of the day, these things are real, not merely an illusion that lasts only as long as the substance is in the blood stream.

Are their underlying problems that drive the addictive behaviour?  It’s possible to identify where the problem lies and find healing.  Many suffer from emotional trauma suffered in the past, often as children, that they spend the rest of their lives trying to cover with addictive behaviours.  But instead of bringing healing, these addictions poorly mask the pain and bring other, often more serious, problems into the life, not the least being health issues that increase as one ages.

Do you find yourself having problems with addictions?  Find help.  Your life is important and there is much ahead that is positive and worth living for!  Remember, there is Someone bigger than the government in control of this universe, and we can go directly to Him for help and support--and that doesn’t cost anything either!

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