A Simple Thing...

One easy thing we can all do to help our heath is to increase the amount of dietary fibre in our diets.  This critical part of nutrition is found in unrefined foods: grains, legumes (different types of beans), vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. In today’s world much of the food we eat is engineered, or processed.  The animal foods we eat are processed by the animal, and we are getting highly concentrated parts of nutrition—the animal gets most of the good stuff!  While in past centuries food storage and availability was a big problem, and just surviving was something of an issue, today’s world allows the possibility of getting the best foods for human nutrition in our local markets and we can have the opportunity of making wiser choices for the sake of our health.

While we may not be able to build all the hospitals we need overnight, and it will take some time to sort out the other issues with our expanding health care system, all of us can start eating more fruits, grains, nuts and vegetables and begin to enjoy the benefits right away. Some of these benefits are: Weight loss, reduction in the risk of certain cancers, decreased cholesterol levels in the blood, stabilized blood sugar levels, regularity of bowel movements and a major contribution to the normalization of diverticular disease and haemorrhoids.  Tremendous benefits from adding foods as God made them into our diet day by day!

Getting more fibre into the diet is easy.  Choose whole meal breads and breakfast cereals instead of white bread and refined grain products.  Eat a few servings of vegetables and fruits each day.  Have various kinds of beans several times a week.  Eat fresh fruit for snacks.  Every time we eat foods the way nature gives them to us we are getting a whole package of important nutrients that are taken out of the highly processed and refined foods, along with the very important dietary fibre. 

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