Eat More Garlic!

One of the major considerations in our eating is making things taste good.  Generally, in Western cultures, we have used a lot of salt to bring out the flavours in food.  It’s cheap, abundantly available and easy to use.  The problem is that too much salt just isn’t good for our bodies!

Since most of us eat about two to three times the amount of salt that is good for us, using other flavours is an important skill to acquire.  High salt intake is directly linked to high blood pressure, which is a killer over the long haul.  It’s hard to feel good when our blood pressure is high, and it’s silently harming our hearts, blood vessels and kidneys.  While we may not be able to completely control other contributing factors to high blood pressure, like stress and heredity, we can control our salt intake.

One good way to help foods taste good is to use more herbs and seasonings in our cooking.  One very healthful food that is easy to get and contributes to great taste in many dishes is garlic.  Garlic has tremendous health benefits.  It strengthens the immune system, has antibiotic properties and helps fight infections.  It has antioxidants that help prevent cancer from growing in the body, and antiangiogenic agents that help starve cancer tumours that may have gotten started. It’s just packed full of beneficial vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals that helps the body keep at its best and fight disease!

One easy way to use more garlic and cut down on the salt is to purchase garlic salt to use to season  food instead of regular salt.  It’s great on chips.  Get a garlic press, and add several cloves of garlic to prepared dishes while you are cooking them.  This allows you to decrease the salt content to achieve great flavour.  Experiment with other herbs, often a pinch of this and a pinch of that can create a tremendous flavour experience that is good for the health as well!  

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