Keep Your Blood Moving!

‘Can’t do anything to help, it's the water!’

Such was the pronouncement of the plumber who was called in to fix the shower unit.  The shower unit was only a few months old, and was already having problems. The problem was what was in the water, water that looked just fine to the naked eye—but hidden in its chemical composition were minerals that were leaving fatal build-ups upon the inner workings of the shower unit clogging it up!

While the minerals in the water pose no health threat to us, this is a very good example of what happens all too often within our bodies because of the chemical composition of our blood.  Heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure and a host of other internal problems happen because of the abnormal changes caused by the build-up of fat deposits along with other changes that occur from improper blood chemistry.  One of the big problems is damage done to the endothelium, which is the inner lining of blood vessels. This lining is only one cell thick, and is important to the healthy operation of the blood vessel.  The improper blood chemistry caused by too much fat (especially the wrong kind of fat) and too much sugar causes not only sluggish circulation, but a build-up of deposits to form, narrowing the arteries.  Alcohol contributes to the sludging up of the blood stream as well.  Too much salt in the diet contributes to unnatural stiffening of the artery walls, which should be supple and elastic.  As this process continues the blood vessels become stiff and brittle.  Besides just blocking off blood flow as in the case of a heart attack or stroke, the wall of the blood vessel can become compromised resulting in aneurisms, when the blood vessel wall fails and cracks, allowing a balloon-like bubble to occur.  If this ruptures death is generally the result from internal bleeding.  We often think about keeping the outside of our body fit and looking good—but keeping the inside fit and healthy is important too!

Our blood chemistry is created by what we put into our mouth!  What we eat and drink is what the body uses to make our blood, which is our river of life.  Plant based foods are full of the chemical components that we need to keep healthy, fight disease and feel good.  The more refined and animal based foods we eat, the less of the good stuff we are getting and our blood chemistry cannot be healthy and balanced.  Drinking enough water is vital as well for the maintenance of healthy, free flowing blood. 

This is a complex interaction, but thankfully we don’t have to understand all about how it all works to help ourselves, we can just eat a more balanced diet utilizing more grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts and seeds as the major components.  These are the basic source of all nutrition anyway, but when the animals eat them first and then we eat the animals, or their products, we don’t get most of the important nutrients known as vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals—things our body craves to be fit both inside and out!  


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