Make an Inventory

The beginning of a new year is a good time to take stock of where we are and where we’re going.  With respect to our health, it’s a good time to take an inventory and plan a course of action to keep on the right side of the top soil.

Are there habits in our lives that need to change?  Are there destructive choices that need to change?  What needs to be added, what needs to be taken away?

Make a list, perhaps visiting our GP and having a physical is in order.  One thing is for sure, without our active involvement, we will go the wrong way!  When life is left to free-fall, it only goes downhill!

Remember NewStart for the basic parameters to a healthy life are as you plan your new year:

  • Nutrition—eat good stuff
  • Exercise—keep moving
  • Water—inside and out
  • Sunshine—get outside
  • Temperance—disuse of harmful things, moderate use of healthful things
  • Air—fresh, proper ventilation
  • Rest—get enough sleep
  • Trust in God—nothing reduces stress like remembering there is Someone bigger than you and I Who wants to help us with our life