In Who’s Best Interest?

The most important asset you will ever have in your life is your health.  There is no amount of money that can buy back health once it is lost.  The quality of our life is directly proportional to the state of our health.

If optimum health is to be enjoyed we must take personal responsibility for our own health.  The government is concerned with making big business happy (‘I’ll scratch your back and you can scratch mine’) and big business is interested in making profit--from you and me.  They are concerned with their interests, not ours.  The health care industry is benefited by sick people; healthy people don’t buy expensive drugs and need constant medical procedures and equipment.  Much of the food industry cares only for selling products that can generate large amounts of profit from the cheapest ingredients with the longest shelf life (think about what you pay for a can of sweetened, caffeinated and coloured water with a brand name on it).  Couple with this the current social trends that keep us too busy to spend time preparing healthful foods for daily consumption and the odds for good health grow slimmer as the years pass.

If there is one thing that modern nutritional research has shown conclusively it is that plant based foods, in as natural a state as possible, contribute to both prevention of disease and the maintenance of health.  Highly refined and processed foods and animal based foods set the stage for and promote many of the disease processes of our modern age.   On the other hand, it’s the large multi-national conglomerates, pharmaceutical and chemical companies that largely control the politics around food, not to mention the multi-million euro industry around advertising to make sure the consumers cop on to the programme. At the same time our families are suffering from many nutritionally based health and lifestyle issues that could be greatly improved with a simple switch in food choices and education in rational, science based, nutrition.  The question should be ‘What does it take to build healthy blood and promote health.’; not ‘What is making the biggest profit for big business.’

At the end of the day, if more people would start to use more unrefined fruit, veg, nuts, seeds and grains they would not only be healthier, but those growing these life giving foods would receive the rewards for supplying us with foods that build and sustain life instead of giving our money to industry that contributes to ill health and premature death.