Ongoing research reveals more ways plant based foods help fight disease and preserve health:

While habit generally dictates what we eat, and what we eat often dictates the direction our heath is going, we don’t need to be trapped in a downward spiral! We can work on changing  dietary habits little by little to painlessly move our health in a positive direction. Little changes can make a big difference over the long haul!

The more nutritional research the scientific world engages in, the more good things are found about plant based foods. Besides the vitamins and minerals that are so essential to our health, in recent years it has been discovered there are other very important chemical agents in plant foods that make a big impact on our over-all health. One of the big findings of recent years is that certain agents in many vegetables and fruits work with the body to both prevent a blood supply being established to cancer tumours, and also help the body to destroy the blood supply to existing tumours. These agents are called antiangiogenic factors and are found in many of the common fruits and vegetables we can purchase at Tesco, Dunnes or Kervicks.

Without going too deeply into the issue, any of us can start working on getting 5 to 7 servings of fruits and vegetables into our diet each day. The more of these nutritious and life giving foods we place into our diet, the more of the stuff that is not so good is edged out. Over time both our habits and health change for the better!

It is especially important to help children to experience and learn to enjoy foods that are healthful and life giving—this will make their entire life healthier, happier and easier. Taking a taste of something new broadens the horizons and begins to build an inventory of taste sensations that will help them to become healthier eaters as they take on more of their own nutritional choices as they grow.

The bottom line is simple: Eating more fruits and vegetables will reduce your risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, heart and blood vessel disease and type 2 diabetes.

A few foods known to have antiangiogenic properties:
Strawberries Red Grapes Red Grape Juice
Pumpkin Blackberries Parsley
Bok Choy Rasberries Garlic
Kale Bluebarries Nutmeg
Soy Beans Ginseng Oranges
Licorice Artichoke Olive Oil
Grapefruit Tumeric Maitake Mushroom
Lemons Tomato Apples

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