Drink enough water!

This is one small thing all can do that is a big thing when it comes to our overall health.  We need to drink 5 to 7 glasses a day, or more, depending on the weather and our activity level.  Common sense tells us one would need to drink more water in the Gobi Desert than in Ireland in the winter, and a nursing mother would need larger amounts of water on a daily basis.

We are about 70% water and every process of life takes place in a water based medium. The wastes and germs need to be washed and filtered out of our system, and our system needs plenty of clean water to accomplish this in the most successful way.  One good rule to gage water consumption is that the urine should come clear at least once a day.

We often don’t think of the lymph system, but this is an important filtering system for the tissues and one of the body’s defences against disease.  Drinking enough water and getting exercise helps keep the lymph fluid moving as it should, maximizing the filtering effect.  Drinking enough water also helps our blood chemistry to normalize and helps keep our bowels regular.

When we are dehydrated we cannot think as clearly and we don’t feel energetic.  Often a headache is a sign of dehydration and a glass or two of water will clear it up.  When we drink inadequate      water it’s like trying to wash our dinner dishes in a teacup of water, out body just cannot do the best job!

Don’t forget water on the outside too.  Washing on a daily basis is very beneficial; wastes that the body secretes through the skin will reabsorb if not washed away.

So use water!  It’s one of the cheapest and most abundant things available to us and can make a positive difference in our quality of life and health!

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